Abuljadayel Company

Potable Water Projects

Construction of New Water Storage Tanks & Pumping Station for the Extension of ZamZam Plant Project:


The purpose of the extension is to construct 6 numbers of new storage tanks and pumping station at the vicinity of the existing Zam Zam plant project site to store the product water from the existing plant to overcome the required demand during Umrah, Ramadan & Hajj seasons, and to accommodate every year for millions of people, and to provide the pilgrims with sufficient supply of Zamzam water and meet the required future demands. The capacity of each tank is 6720 m3 with combined capacity of all 6 tanks are, 40320 m3.


Al Faysaliah Water Mixing Chamber

The design and construction of water mixing chamber

and automatic dosing system in Al Faysaliah site in the city of Jeddah using the most advanced system for the city of Jeddah including the latest technology in this field that has been proven in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and world wide.

Measures to improve Madinah Al Munawarah water network performance (QW2).

Upgrade Madinah water network, upgrading existing valves and installing new control valves all with SCADA RTUs connected via GPRS/ 3G to the Water Directorate SCADA system, installing new D.I. pipes and house connections, supply of valves, pipes, and all required materials, excavation works, construction of valve rooms backfilling, asphalting works, and T&C.

Installation  of water pipeline, 55,500 meters with Ductile Cast Iron Pipes and house connections, construction of branch water pipeline in central area (Cont. No. 13) of Makkah Al Mukaramah. 

Construction of potable water pipeline with dia 600mm ductile T length 8,660 meters for surrounding areas of Haram const. of Valves chamber with Air + Butterfly valves.

Construction of main pipeline from Abyar Almashi  to Madinah water reservoir.

Upgrading of water network at Madinah (Part 1).

Supply & Installation of VC pipes from size 150mm to -700mm.

Execution of water line at Makkah Al Mukaramah.