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Wastewater Pump Station Projects

North Jeddah Pump Station (World’s deepest and third largest Pump Station)

Turnkey Design, Construction, Testing, Commissioning  and Operation. This Pump station is designed to Pump a future maximum flow of up to 1 Million m³ per day catering for flows from approx. 3 million people.


Scope of Work:

Screening Shaft, 42 meters Dia. with depth of 76 meters comprising of fully automated screenings removal, washing, compaction and transportation system. Pumping Shafts (2Nos.) each of 42 meters Dia. with depth of 76 meters each designed with 5 pump sets  of capacity 2.2 m³/sec each, with 2.4 MW Variable Speed MV Drives.

State of the art diaphragm wall construction used for shafts construction with depths up to 85 meters  requiring more than 116,000 m³ of reinforced concrete and over 403,000 m³ of excavation.

Collection Chamber, Distribution Pipes (3 X 2000mm), Main Distribution Chamber, Service Buildings, Flow Collection measurement and distribution systems. Fully automated control & monitoring by SCADA Ancillary services including Odour Control, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Utilities.

Benefit of Project:

The North Jeddah Pump Station will serve the northern Jeddah area, as the final solution for sewage networks problems pumping sewage and wastewater through 3.5m dia. and 65m deep  tunnel at the station and from there to the North Jeddah Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Wastewater Pump Station Projects

South Jeddah Pump Station

Purpose of This Project is Construction of deep lift sewage station to be used to screen sewage from Central & South Jeddah sewage networks and lift it to the STP Phase 1, 2, 3 & 4 in Al Khumrah area.

Scope of Work:

Construction of 2 shafts, of diameter of 32 meters and 40 meters depth with interconnecting tunnels of 3 meters diameter complete with all mechanical equipment (24 Submersible Pumps each of 0.53 MW with VFDs, flow meters, gates, valves, and SCADA system, etc..) and auxiliary buildings.

Diaphragm walls method was used to construct the shafts using the most advanced machines in the world (BAUER),Tower cranes, 350 tons Cranes, Piling machine. A specialized and approved laboratory was established on site to ensure the QA/QC procedures.

Project Benefits:

Providing sanitary drainage for complete central & southern areas of Jeddah City, as a final solution for sewage disposal problems in conjunction with the existing and planned Treatment plant facilities and therefore avoiding the use of tankers for collection and disposal of sewage.

Const of Force Main Line & Pump Station 25-C Jeddah.

Construction of Pump Station and Force Main to Transfer of Sewerage from AlAujam to AlJaroudiyah Treatment Plant.

Construction of Qatif New Development Area Munirah wastewater Network & Pumping Station.

Upgrading of Sewage Network and Pump Station for Al Washa, Outbiyah Wadi al Naml Aqeeq in Taif.