Abuljadayel Company

Wastewater Projects

Central (Middle) Area Contract:


Execution of main lines, branch lines and house connections for sewage water networks in the central area of Jeddah. Excavation, supply & laying of clay pipes gravity sewer with length of 260,045 meters and 8.4 km replacement. Excavation, Supply & laying of G.R.P. Pipes of different diameters with length of 7.5 km including the construction of 6,450 manholes. Micro Tunnels with dia of 300 to 1200 mm with length of 7.8 km  including construction of 44 shafts. Large tunnels with dia of 1500mm with length of 3,5 km including construction of shafts (22 Nos.). House connections including all the necessary works for 50 & 200mm dia V.C. Pipes with length of 2,350,000 meters including construction of 235,000 inspection chambers 600 – 900mm.

Construction of the sewage water networks for the Historical Jeddah area including Shafts construction, Tunneling, Piping and finishing works.
Contract No. 2A-1 of TAIF :

Construction of the main sewage gravity line T-13 to the lift station. The main sewage gravity line T-13-9 to the pipeline T-13. Open trench works for wastewater pipe lines in hard rock soil with diameters varying from 2200 to 2500mm in total length of 9 km.


Cont. No. 3 Makkah Supply, Install Sewage Main+Branch Lines & House Connections for Various Areas.

Cont. No.1 Makkah, Constr. of Sewage Main+Branch   Lines & House Connections in Central Area.

Cont. No 2 Makkah House Connections of  Wady ibrahim Area, Sewage Network and Mainline.

Construction of Sewage Network for Amir Ahmed & Amir Abdulrahman Areas in Taif.

Upgrading of Sewage Network for Maiman, Jazair,  Kudai & Hindawiya Areas in Makkah.

Const. of Pump Station & Pipeline,  Contract  no.15, Bani Malik,  Jeddah.

Repair of Sewage Pipeline of 1000 mm dia Carrying Sewage at Aziziyah, Makkah.

Upgrading of Sewage Network for Al Washa,  Outbiyah Wadi al Naml Aqeeq in Taif.

Extension of Sewage Main Line for Bawadi area in Jeddah (Cont# 6).

Transfer of Sewerage from AlAujam to AlJaroudiyah Treatment Plant.

Const. of Sewage Pipeline at Khaldiyah in Madinah (Part 1& Part 2).

Const of Force Main Line & Pump Station 25-C Jeddah.

Const. of Sewage Network at Central Area in Madinah (Part 1).

Construction of Sewage Network for Qatif New Developing Area.

Execution of House Connections Sewage Lines in Makkah.

Construction of Auxiliary Gravity Sewage Line from Okashiya STP to new proposed location at Makkah.

Construction of Qatif New Development Area Munirah wastewater Network & Pumping Station.