Abuljadayel Company

Wastewater Tunneling Projects

Contract 4 of North Jeddah

Supply and Construction of Sewage Tunnel of dia 2500mm with length 7.6 km with inner coating of HDPE 3mm thickness. Const. of 16 Shafts with depth  of 24 m. HK Tunneling machines dia 2500mm were used to finish tunneling works. Shafts were executed using Vertical Shaft Sinking Machine, Manual Sinking, Diaphragm Walls, and Internal structures methods.

Contract 4A of North Jeddah

Supply and Construction of Sewage Tunnel of 3500mm diameter with length of 8.6 km & 2500mm diameter with length of 475 meters and  shafts construction of 3 km depth & 9 meters diameter (17 Nos) and 50 meters depth & 6 meters diameters (3 Nos.). Tunneling machines dia 3500mm and dia 2500mm were used to finish the tunneling works. Tunnel constructed using concrete pipes with GRP internal coating.

Contract 17 of North Jeddah

Const. of Main and Branch Sewage lines for AlMuhammadiyah area in Jeddah including Tunnels with dia of 1500mm and 1800mm with length of 4 km and the required shafts for Tunneling Lines, Gravity VCP line of dia 400 & 500mm and length of 4.6 km with 55 Manholes.

Alhawya Transmission Sewage Pipe Line

Open trench works for wastewater pipe lines in hard rock soil with diameters varying from 2200mm to 2500mm in a total length of 9 km. Tunneling Works using the world most advanced TBMs (by Herreneknecht, Germany) to execute a 6 km RC tunnel with inner diameter of 2500mm.

AI Khumrah Inlet Connection

Design, Const., T&C of the Inlet Connections for the South Lift Station at Al Khumrah, Jeddah with a maximum hydraulic capacity of 14.5m3/ sec Shaft construction along with 3000mm dia tunnel connecting the shafts.

The Sewage Networks for the Historical Jeddah Area:

Construction of the sewage water networks for the Historical Jeddah using Pipe Jacking Tunneling including deep shafts construction.