Abuljadayel Company


Abuljadayel Ready-Mix produces all kinds of Ready Concrete Mixes according to customers specific requirements and complying with international standards.
Plant Machinery: Central concrete mixing unit is made by the German company “WIGGERT” one of the pioneer and leading manufacturers with the latest computerized technology. It is automatically controlled with very high productivity

Water Chillers, Washing Plants for sand, Concrete mixer mobile trucks with different capacities. Mobile Concrete trucks with different heights,.
Quality Control : In order to guarantee the quality of the concrete mix, AJ-Ready-Mix established a new quality control and testing lab equipped with the most advanced tools that are necessary to perform the tests, before, during and after the production process to ensure meeting the targeted criteria. These tests include : Cement: Fineness, Initial and Final setting times Expansion. Compressive strength.

Water : Soluble salts. Chlorides Sulfates. PH.

Slump: Compressive. Rebound Hammer. Core test.

Aggregate & Sand: Sand analysis Sieve content (Chlorides & Sulfates). Salts Fresh and hardened concrete, Absorption. Apparent specified gravity bulk density.

Website : www.ajreadymix.com