Abuljadayel Company


Abuljadayel Pipe and Concrete Products Factory was established in 2007 in Jeddah to provide high quality concrete and precast concrete products for projects in Saudi Arabia. AJ Pipe and Concrete Products Factory use BESSER technology (U.S.A) supported with the technical back-up from GOLLWITZER Germany and Concrete Mixing Plant + Batching Machines from WIGGERT Germany.

Abuljadayel Factory for Concrete Pipes Products:

– Reinforced Concrete Jacking Pipes.

– Concrete pipes with any diameters as per the customer requirement and according to national and international standards.

– Reinforced Concrete Manholes and Inspection Chambers.

– Reinforced Concrete Storm Water Pipes.

– Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipes.

Website : www.ajpipeconcrete.com